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SANE / SAFE / SAMFE Preparation and Refresher Curriculum offers interactive, self-directed online and on-site clinical coursework that prepares candidates for SANE-A certification.

The comprehensive Online Curriculum and On-site Curriculum also provide CEU credit and SART qualification for Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) members, including law enforcement, victim advocates, prosecutors and other members of the legal community, DNA crime lab specialists, and others.

Online Curriculum: SANE-A / SAFE / SAMFE Preparation and Refresher. This interactive, engaging course places you into real-world simulations that challenge you to assess a wide variety of scenarios involved in performing sexual assault medical-forensic exams, investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases or advocating for the victim. You will be challenged to identify problems and take appropriate action to achieve solutions and positive outcomes. The simulations are complemented by webinars presented by subject matter experts who provide an expanded discussion of the course material.

Other courses in the curriculum include:

Sexual Assault Evidentiary Exam Procedures This series of videos will be of interest to SANE candidates who want to learn how to perform a variety of evidentiary exam procedures during the medical-forensic exam.

SART Member Interviews These interviews will be of interest to new and prospective SART members who want to learn from the experts: a SANE, law enforcement and victim advocates, prosecutors and a DNA specialist. Each shares their perspective on the importance of a victim-centered response, holding offenders accountable, and realizing the hope of preventing further sexual violence. The interviews were recorded at the Sixth National SART Training Conference in Austin, Texas.

SART Meeting, Kearney NE Members of the Kearney Nebraska SART gather for their regular update meeting. They explore the challenges they've had and how the team has learned to work together to seek justice for victims. As a result of their efforts, this small community has seen an increase in sexual assault reports and successful prosecutions.

Break the Silence: Sexual Assault and the SART Solution SART members in rural and Native American communities, as well as the persons served by the SART, share their experiences about the severity, complexity, and impact of sexual assault and the power of a SART to seek justice for victims.

CEU Prerequisite: Licensed RN, MD, APRN. Students and those who wish to audit the curriculum are not eligible for CEUs. Students may be eligible for credit hours. Check with your school administrator.

Cost: $600. Active military personnel, students and those who wish to audit the curriculum: $200

On-site Curriculum: SANE-A Clinical: Sexual Assault Forensic Exam and Mock Trial (hands-on preparation and practice in sexual assault medical-forensic exams and trial testimony). Each Clinical and Mock Trial consists of a half day observing and then performing a pelvic exam on a live pelvic model under the watchful eye of a certified SANE instructor, and a half-day Mock Trial, in which our legal SME prepares each SANE for testifying at trial. Maximum number of participants per day: eight.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of SANE-A / SAFE / SAMFE Preparation and Refresher curriculum.

Cost: shared among the participants. Please contact Dr. Linda Ledray for details at

A key building block for SANE-SART teams

The multiphase program immerses learners in true-to-life clinical, law enforcement, legal and victim advocacy situations.

A combination of online interactive and on-site didactic and clinical coursework challenges participants to learn by doing.

Each learner uses resource information and interactive tools to respond to realworld sexual assault medical, forensic, law enforcement, victim advocacy and prosecutorial scenarios.

By engaging in a risk-free learning environment, participants benefit from both successes and mistakes. They gain new knowledge, insight and skills for dealing with sexual assault and providing victim-centered justice for sexual assault victims.

Accredited and acclaimed

Over the past two years, more than 750 learners have completed SANE/SAFE/SAMFE Preparation and Refresher Curriculum. Participants have praised the program.s depth, breadth and quality. Two examples:

This was an exceptional learning experience. The content is presented in a detailed, systematic and sensible manner. The production value is beyond compare. been telling everyone I work with about how amazing this course was...

- M.S, SANE candidate

I was blown away by this program! Our SART members came away feeling like we have all the tools and resources needed to allow for the best services to be delivered to sexual assault victims...


Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

By successfully completing the SANE-SART Online + Clinical course, RNs, SANEs, SAFEs, SAMFEs, MDs, LPRNs, law enforcement, victim advocates, prosecutors and other members of the legal community are awarded CEUs:

  • RNs, SANEs, SAFEs, SAFMEs, MDs and APRNs: up to 56 CEC hours
  • Law enforcement: up to 40 POST credit hours
  • Victim advocates: up to 48 CEU hours
  • Prosecutors: up to 44 CLE hours


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