How To Embed the Rape Clock on Your Site

Step-by-step instructions

The rape clock provides a graphic minute-by-minute illustration of the impact of rape in the United States. The clock will automatically update approximately every 2 minutes. The counter will reset at the beginning of each new year.

The widget is free and available to use on your organization’s website. Access to the html files of a website, or the ability to place script files within a content management editor are required to place the rape clock properly.

There are two display options for the rape clock. Choose the option that best suits your needs:

1. Inline Rape Clock

The clock displays within the content of the site, where the code is inserted. This version is good for sidebar or columns.
<script>var WIDGET = {‘theme’: ‘inline’};</script><script src=’’></script>

2. Drawer Rape Clock

The rape clock will sit over the page content of your site in the lower right corner. The drawer features a retractable tab to hide the clock from view.
<script src=’’></script>


The widget retrieves CSS and images from GitHub’s CDN. If you want to use local resources, add this script (customize the path):

<script>WIDGET.base_url = ‘http://path-to-your-files/'</script>

The Third Option

The SANE-SART website also features a resource to embed a real-time image of the rape clock within your web site or emails. Rather than a JavaScript-built clock, the image feature creates a JPG of the clock in action at a given time. The clock will be updated to the most recent time the web page requests the image.

Instead of uploading an image within the html of a page or with the WYSIWG tool of your site content editor, use this URL as the location of your image: /sanesartcounter-master/sane-sart-counter.php .

The full html (please add http://www. to the beginning of the URL below) to insert a dynamically generated image of the clock within the body of an email would be:

<img src="" />



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