A powerful learning program for providing
support and justice to sexual assault victims.

Gain hands-on experience for
investigating and prosecuting

sexual assault


Combine online interactive
learning with live exercise.

Engage and solve true-to-life
sexual assault case scenarios.


Learn From
the Experts

Courses are designed and
developed by leading sexual
assault subject matter experts.

Satisfy your
professional CEU

Earn Continuing
Education Units

Support sexual assault victims through victim-centered care and justice. Sharpen your investigation, documentation and prosecution skills. Learn best practices for SART collaboration and
Earn CEUs.

SANE-SART Online + Clinical delivers online and on-site interactive learning for RNs interested in becoming a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner). The program is also appropriate for current SANEs, MDs, SAFEs and SAMFEs. Learners practice and gain experience conducting a medical forensic exam and testifying at trial.

The program also provides online and on-site learning for victim advocates, members of law enforcement, prosecutors and crime lab specialists. These learners practice and gain experience at investigating sexual assault crimes, assisting victims and prosecuting offenders.

SANE-SART Online + Clinical coursework highlights the value of a sexual assault response team (SART) and techniques for forming and operating a SART.

By participating in this program, SANE candidates and SART members take a significant step in improving care for sexual assault victims and obtaining victim-centered justice in their community. They are awarded CEUs for successful completion.

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Adult/Adolescent SANE Preparation and Refresher Curriculum

As an RN interested in becoming a SANE, a SANE, MD, SAFE, SAMFE or a candidate for the SANE-A® certification program by the IAFN’s Commission on Forensic Nursing Certification, learn responsibilities, tasks and procedures for conducting a sexual assault medical-forensic exam. Learn and practice how to identify, collect and preserve evidence, perform as an expert witness in a sexual assault trial, and work collaboratively with other SART members to provide patient-centered care.

Law Enforcement Curriculum

Enhance and apply your response, investigative and interview skills in sexual assault cases, and in performing as an expert witness in a sexual assault trial. Learn and practice working in collaboration with other SART members to provide innovative victim-centered care and justice.

Victim Advocate Curriculum

Learn the role and responsibilities of the advocate in meeting the needs of sexual assault victims with appropriate emotional support and timely information. Learn and practice how to interface effectively with community and other SART members in order to provide victim-centered care and justice.

Prosecutor/Legal Curriculum

Develop or enhance your skills for prosecuting a sexual assault case, including preparing witnesses for trial and presenting the case at trial. You’ll also learn and practice working collaboratively with other SART members to provide victim-centered care and justice.


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