About Us

Who are we?

Sane-Sart is a community of experts and professionals curating reliable and well-researched informative articles on sexual wellness, sexual health solutions, and protection from sexual harassment and assault. These include the latest news and research, new discoveries and procedures, product reviews, interview with experts, advice on dealing with sexual assault and sexual harassment, amendments and updates to laws, and much more.


Our mission is to empower every American to deal will their sexual health problems, be it physical issues, psychological issues, or trauma resulting from sexual assault and sexual harassment. 

Through well-researched and fact-checked content, carefully curated by industry experts, we aim to armor our readers with the knowledge they need to overcome any sexual health issues they may face and achieve complete sexual wellness.


Our vision is a future that is free from the stigma often attached to sexual health and wellness. We believe that sexual well-being is a basic human right and as such we envision a society built through holistic sexual education that will promote a positive attitude towards sexual health.