5 Noticeable Symptoms Of Sexual Anorexia That Are Hard To Believe!!

Sexual anorexia is when people compulsively avoid sex by going to great lengths. Sexual Anorexia is not as rare as it used to be in previous years these days.

There are several reasons that can make people experience sexual anorexia. The reasons for this condition can vary drastically. There are both emotional and physical causes that can lead to sexual anorexia.

Physical Reasons That Lead To Sexual Anorexia

  • Hormone Imbalance.

When levels of estrogen in females or levels of testosterone in males are decreased, it can affect the sexual desire of people. 

Sexual Anorexia Causes
  • Childbirth.

Just after giving birth, the female body goes through drastic changes to go back to the pre-pregnant condition of the body as the body does not support two lives anymore.

The estrogen level that was increased during the pregnancy comes down quickly which could affect the female.

  • Breastfeeding.

The hormone that is released when having an orgasm is called oxytocin. This same hormone is released during the process of breastfeeding which makes the mothers not require any more release of oxytocin.

  • Medication use.

There are a lot of medicines that have sexual anorexia as a side effect. Most medicines for high blood pressure have sexual anorexia as a side effect.

  • Fatigue.

Even though sex can be done without caring about the amount of stamina and energy, there are people who suffer from extreme fatigue and exhaustion that they refrain from intercourse. 

Emotional Causes That Lead To Sexual Anorexia

  • Sexual abuse

People who went through sexual abuse of any kind would not be able to view sex as something pleasurable but something traumatic.

  • Negative attitude towards sex

Since sex is considered to be a taboo topic of discussion in several areas and the lack of sex education makes people feel like having sexual intercourse is a questionable act and not a natural process.

  • Religious upbringing when it comes to sex

Implementing every life lesson in a religious manner and introducing sex as a sinful act that can lead to punishment if not done with religious precision might scare people from engaging in intercourse.

  • Struggles with a partner

Having issues with the partner and not being able to connect with them due to a multitude of reasons could affect their sex life. 

  • Communication issues

Not being able to communicate with your sexual partner about your likes and dislikes which results in non-satisfactory climaxes can lead to sexual anorexia. 

Symptoms Of Sexual Anorexia

Symptoms of sexual anorexia are hard to recognize and can be recognized only after close observation by the partners. Some of the symptoms of sexual anorexia are as follows; 

  • Experiencing a fear of intimacy and feelings.
  • Being afraid of being attracted to someone.
  • Fear of their sexuality.
  • Judging themself.
  • Self-doubt.

As you can see, none of the symptoms are visible to the outside. A person who is close to the person experiencing sexual anorexia and is aware of all their behaviorisms can only tell those changes. So it is necessary to understand the symptoms.

It is also advised to look for these symptoms in yourself as these feelings could have an adverse effect on your mental health.

Sexual anorexia might also be a symptom of some other issues you have within yourself. Therefore it is necessary to diagnose sexual anorexia quickly and get the treatment required. 

Treatment Methods For Sexual Anorexia

There are two treatment methods currently available for sexual anorexia. They are;

  • Medication

Medication is used as a treatment method for sexual anorexia when it is caused due to physical reasons. If the amount of testosterone or estrogen is lowering and that is the issue, medications are provided to eradicate the issue.

Another issue that is seen is the medication that aids in fast recovery. Some of these medicines can cause sexual anorexia, they can be changed to suit your needs. 

  • Counseling

Counseling is used as a method for the treatment of sexual anorexia when the reason for it is mainly emotional issues. If sexual anorexia is caused by a traumatic past experience, those experiences could be unpacked to heal themselves.

These can also be beneficial for people who were programmed to believe that sex is a taboo and an untalkable topic.

Couple counseling is also a method of treatment when sexual anorexia is caused by miscommunication and relationship struggles. Oftentimes, a medium makes the communication easier and more effective.

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