Premenstrual Stress (PMS): Understanding The Challenges And Solutions

Premenstrual Stress or syndrome (PMS)

Women of reproductive age are quite familiar with those difficult and hellish times that precede the menstruation cycle. The one or two weeks before menstruation is filled with certain emotional and physical issues and this is collectively known as pre-menstrual stress or premenstrual syndrome. Read on more to know everything about premenstrual stress and how … Read more

What Does Your Period Say About Your Health ?


Women worldwide have been going through menstruation for a better part of their life. With pre-menstrual stress, menstrual stress, and post-menstrual stress, most women are lucky to get at least a week of sanity. Menstruation is often considered taboo in many societies and is discussed in hushed tones. Despite the availability and accessibility to information, … Read more

Prostituted and Sexually Trafficked Persons are Rape Victims, Too

What everyone — SANE and SART professionals especially — should know Authored By: Lisa Thompson, Vice President and Director of Education and Outreach, National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) As former Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor Linda Fairstein observed in her book Sexual Violence: Our War against Rape, it is unlikely that any “lifestyle exposes a woman to the … Read more