Do Menstrual Cup Sterilizers Actually Work – The Truth Revealed

Staying the eco-friendly way safely with menstrual cup sterilizers!

When you have decided to go the enviro-friendly way, there is no looking back. Menstrual cups are reusable and hence easy on the environment, not just your wallet.

Modern-day women are conscious of their environment, the carbon footprint they leave behind, and, of course, convenience.

Risks And Benefits Of Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups allow women to go carefree while swimming,(other perks aside), which the sanitary pads cannot brag about.

There are risks of infection and toxic shock syndrome (TSS) with the menstrual cups, as it is a foreign substance that is being inserted into the vagina.

TSS happens when bacteria enter the bloodstream and produce toxins. The symptoms may include sudden fever, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, seizures, muscle aches, etc.

It can also lead to organ failure. Though rare, this is a possibility that comes with the insertion of unhygienic menstrual cups.

Risks And Benefits Of Menstrual Cups

To be safe, the menstrual cups need to be properly sanitized before you use them again the next time. It is also prudent to sterilize the menstrual cup in hot water before the first use as well.

A widely recommended method of sanitizing the menstrual cup is by placing it in boiling hot water for two to three minutes after washing the cup with soap and hot water.

Dry it and store it for next use. You can microwave the cups as well. There are wipes and washing liquids for cleaning the menstrual cups. 

You can use a menstrual cup for around 5-10 years just by sterilizing it after every monthly cycle.

There are many menstrual cup sterilizers that are available, which will ensure hygiene and durability, not to mention uncomplicated maintenance.

Most of menstrual cup sterilizers claim the elimination of bacteria from every nook and cranny of the cup. Many electric sterilizers come with features like an automatic power-off feature to save power.

Menstrual Cup Sterilizers Enable

Easy Usage: While boiling and sterilizing the menstrual cups, you are not supposed to leave them unattended. You do not need to keep checking the time or temperature and waste time.

There is an automatic cut-off after the designated time, which makes menstrual cup sanitizers easy peasy to use. You can even use it in your room without having to go to the kitchen to heat water.

No Fear Of Infections: Infected cups can cause infections. As the menstrual cup sanitizers ensure complete sensitization, you do not need to be afraid of infections like yeast and bacterial vaginosis or serious conditions like TSS. 

Thorough Cleaning: Menstrual blood has an odor that will go off only after proper cleaning.

The menstrual cup sterilizers eliminate the issue of a smelly cup as it steams away the bacteria and blood build-up in the cup. Most apparatus claim to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. 

Dedicated Apparatus: There comes a question of which vessel to use for boiling, as it cannot be used later for cooking due to hygiene and mental inhibition issues.

Negation Of Risks Involved: No fire hazards! There is no risk of melting cups as the electric sterilizers come with an automatic power-off feature.

If you have a menstrual cup sanitizer, you can be free of tensions whether you are over-boiling the cup to be melted or under-boiling it, leading the bacteria to linger on,

Travel Friendliness: There are some collapsible, non-electric sterilizers that are available which are travel friendly as well.

Being soft and flexible, it is easy to fold and does not get damaged easily by physical pressure, hence can be placed in your travel bag.

But they need to be filled with water and microwaved for the cleaning process.

Cost Effectiveness: The amount that you pay for a good quality menstrual cup sanitizer and a menstrual cup or two will anyway be less than the amount you may pay buying sanitary pads for, say, 5 years.

Menstrual cups are reusable and good to go for at least 10 years. The sanitizer helps maintain the menstrual cup in good hygienic condition.

The crux is if you are new to using menstrual cups and are worried about the risks involved, infection-wise, go for a good quality menstrual cup sterilizer.

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If you want to go old school boiling it with a timer on, that works too!

Happy and safe monthlies!!

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