Erectin Reviews: Does This Formula Promises Long-Lasting Erection?

Hello readers, this is your favorite review expert Dr. Jason Park. And today I am back with an Erectin review, that has become a revolution among men. Erectin is a men’s sexual health-supporting supplement that was released on the market a short time ago.

The hype it is getting from many trusted customers is increasing its popularity day by day. So I have decided to do deeper research on this supplement to know whether the hypes are worth it or not.  

Erectin Reviews: A Natural Formula To Improve Sexual Stamina In Men!

The people who keep a follow-up of my writings know that I only review those supplements that seem legit to me. And  I usually come up with a new review only after I have completed my research on that particular supplement.

 As we all know there are many supplements now available on the market that claims to improve sexual health, but few keep their word when it comes to the supplement quality.

Now, let’s get into the Erectin review and break down every detail about the supplement to find out whether it is worth a try or not.

Erectin Review
Supplement NameErectin
Formulated ToImprove sexual stamina
Increase erection hardness
Boost libido
FormulationSoft gels
IngredientsBioperine Black Pepper
Chinese Hawthorn
Cuscuta Chinensis
Damiana Leaf
Korean Red Ginseng
Muira Puama Bark Extract
Saw Palmetto
Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract
Benefits-Increases the nitric level in the body
-Improves overall blood flow
-Maintain healthy blood pressure
-Promote healthy and long-lasting erection
-Enhances overall sexual energy and stamina
-Helps to boost libido
Pros-Natural formula
-No chemicals are added
-Plant-based ingredients
-Increases sexual stamina
-Provides long-lasting erections
-100% money-back guarantee
Cons-The supplement is only available on its official website
-Overdose of the capsules may cause difficulties
DosageTake one or two soft gels per day
Side EffectNo side effects are reported
Price1 bottle for $69.95 – one month supply
2 bottles + free 1 bottle for $139.90 – 3 months supply
3 bottles + free 2 bottles for $209.85 – 5 months supply
Money-back Guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official SiteClick Here

What Is Erectin?

Erectin is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of soft gels. Erectin natural male enhancement formula is clinically proven to help hardened erections and improve overall sexual stamina. The formula has been put through a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study and the results came out impressively positive. Erectin is recommended as the best solution for poor sexual performance by the renowned surgeon Dr. Dave David.

The Erectin potent formula is made using a blend of natural ingredients. The herbs are traditionally used for medicinal purposes to achieve stronger sexual stamina. Erectin has manufactured in standard lab facilities and the whole process of making was under the strict supervision of medical experts. Let’s now check on the Erectin ingredients used in the formulation.

Evaluating The Role Of Erectin Ingredients 

The ingredients used to formulate Erectin male enhancement supplement are all-natural and clinically proven to support men’s sexual performance. The potent ingredient blend includes botanicals, herbs, and plant extracts. The Erectin ingredients are given below with some details:

  • Bioperine Black Pepper

Bioperine is a patented extract of piperine and it is found in black pepper. Piperine adds to Erectin’s high-powered formula by improving nutritional uptake into the bloodstream. The highly concentrated piperine in Bioperine is highly effective in the body and helps to control blood sugar levels.

  • Chinese Hawthorn

Also known as Chinese hawberry, is mostly seen in North America, Europe, and Asia. Recent scientific studies show that these berries are rich in antioxidants and enhance the flow of blood to different body parts. The use of haw berries will also help to promote healthy blood pressure.

  • Cuscuta Chinensis

This is a parasite plant that grows on trees. Primarily Cuscuta chinensis is used as an anti-aging agent and anti-inflammatory substance. This root-less vine is also a powerful aphrodisiac that helps to improve sexual function and libido.

  • Damiana Leaf

Both leaves and stems of the Damiana plant are used for medicinal purposes and it grows in places like Mexico and South America. The damiana leaf is clinically tested to boost libido and sexual stamina. It also helps to reduce problems related to erections in men.

  • Epimedium

Epimedium is a flowering plant that contains a high amount of icariin, which helps to block the enzyme in the body that causes erectile difficulties. Another name for epimedium is Horney Goat Weed. It has been marketed as a dietary supplement for libido.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

Back then this was considered only for enhancing cognitive function but recent studies identified that apart from that ginseng helps to improve blood flow. That is extremely important for a healthy and firm erection in men. These tall trees’ extracts are proven to improve the nitric oxide level in the body which eventually leads to healthy blood flow.

  • Muira Puama Bark Extract

Muira Puama is a tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest and is used to treat sexual disorders in both men and women. The “potency wood” will help to reduce the problems like softer erections, weaker orgasms,s and low sexual desire. 

  • Saw Palmetto

The scientific name of saw palmetto is serenoa repens. This plant extract helps to prevent the enlargement of the prostate gland. It contains special alkaloids which help to trigger the nervous system and improves sexual power and strength.

  • Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract

Tribulus is a herb used for medicinal purposes from ancient times. This is primarily used to treat chest pain and eye disorders. But the aphrodisiac qualities make tribulus terrestris a powerful libido booster.

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Erectin Ingredient

How Does Erectin Supplement Work?

The Erectin erection booster works on identifying the root cause of poor sexual performance. There are three main reasons for sexual dysfunction, decreases blood flow to the sexual organs, low sexual desires, and weaker orgasm.

The potent Erectin ingredients cover all these issues and improve them. The maximum absorption technology of the Erectin gel capsules helps to absorb the maximum amount of active ingredients at the right dosage and at the right time. And it will help you to experience a stronger and longer-lasting erection.

Erectin natural male enhancement supplement will help to increase the nitric acid level in the body which supports arteries to relax and pump more blood through it. When the blood circulation to the sexual organs gets increased, it will result in a firm and healthy erection for a longer period of time.

According to the Erectin official website, the powerful herbs included in the sexual health formula are rich in nutrients and they will boost sexual stamina and support healthy libido.

What Are The Benefits Of Erectin Sexual Health Formula?

The Erectin soft gels are made of herbs that are used to treat sexual disorders from ancient times. They support our bodies with numerous other benefits too. Some of the benefits of Erectin are given below:

  • Increases the nitric level in the body.
  • Improves overall blood flow to every part of the body including sexual organs.
  • Help to maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Promote healthy and long-lasting erection
  • Enhances overall sexual energy and stamina
  • Helps to boost libido

Erectin Dosage: How We Can Consume This Supplement?

One Erectin bottle comes with 60 powerful soft gels that will serve you with one month’s supply. The recommended dosage of Erectin capsules is to take one or two soft gels per day in the beginning and then you can increase it to four soft gels per day. It is good you take it after having a meal. Continuous use of the supplement for 28 days will give the desired effect. If the results are getting too intense and you are unable to handle it you should reduce the number of pills taken at a time. 

Overdose may cause some difficulties other than the chances of side effects are less but if you feel any kind of discomfort immediately consult your doctor for an expert opinion.

Erectin Supplement Facts

Pros And Cons Of Erectin Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Before buying the Erectin sexual enhancing supplement, understanding its pros and cons are important. Only after that one could decide whether one supplement is worth trying or not. Some of the pros and cons of Erectin are listed below:


  • Natural formula
  • No chemicals are added
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Increases sexual stamina
  • Provides long-lasting erections
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee
  • No prescription is needed for buying.


  • The supplement is only available on its official website
  • Overdose of the capsules may cause difficulties

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Is Erectin Legit or Not?

The Erectin nutritional formula is made using plant extracts that are clinically proven to improve erection hardness. The manufacturing process was under standard circumstances that were supervised by experts. This removes the doubt about the supplement’s legitimacy when it comes to the quality of the supplement and the overall production environment. 

Compared to other similar supplements, The Erection formula was put under a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study. And results were explicitly positive. It is rare to test a sexual enhancement supplement like that. More importantly, Its advanced absorption technology makes you ready for great sex any time of the day.

Experts such as Dr. Dave David has been suggesting Erectin for people who are facing difficulties in their sexual life. The Erectin customer reviews are all excitingly positive and the supplement is also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. All these factors together contribute to the legitimacy of Erectin performance booster.

How And Where To Order Erectin Erection Booster Supplement?

You will be able to find the supplement on Erectin official website. It is the only place the manufacturer sells the formula. You can buy the Erectin formula directly through its official website without the help of a third person.

You may come across fake websites that sell cheap quality supplements of Erectin soft gels. Do not fall for such traps always choose an authentic website for buying any kind of health supplements. 

Now, the Erectin bottles are available with different offers. The three different packages available on the website are

  • 1 bottle for $69.95 – one month supply
  • 2bottles + free 1 bottle for $139.90 – 3 months supply
  • 3bottles + free 2 bottles for $209.85 – 5 months supply

Among these three packages, you can choose the one you need and affordable for you. Compared to other sexual health-supporting supplements, the price of Erectin is less. The Erectin manufacturer reduced it so that everyone can benefit from it. 

The ordering process for Erectin dietary supplement is simple, once you are entered into the Erectin official website you just have to fill in the needed shipping details and select your preferred package and finally you will have to complete the payment then within 5 to 7 working days, the supplement will reach your doorstep.

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Erectin Customer Reviews And Complaints

So far, thousands of men are using the Erectin male enhancement supplement all over the world. Considering the Erectin customer reviews on the internet and the survey I conducted among people who are using Erectin, the feedbacks is overwhelmingly positive. All of them are satisfied with the results and are suggesting the supplement to their fellows.

In my detailed study on the Erectin erection pumping formula, I found that people have no complaints about the supplement. One or two complaints I came across were about the problems caused by the overdose of the supplement.

It is suggested that do not take the pills more than 2 a day. That may cause you difficulties. In case you feel any difficulties make sure you consult your doctor. Other than that no complaints about side effects are reported regarding the Erectin formula.

Does Erectin Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

If you don’t find any difference after using Erectin sexual health supplement for the suggested time period, then you are allowed to apply for a refund of your money. Yes, every Erectin bottle is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee offered by the Erectin manufacturer.

If you are not satisfied with the supplement you can simply return the bottle within 60 days of your purchase. You will get a full refund without further inquiries. 

All you have to do is send an email regarding your return to the Erectin customer service. Once they get the email they will refund your money within the next 48 hours.

Keep in mind that, the refund policy is applicable only to those who buy the supplement from Erectin official website. So make sure you buy the supplement through its official website.

Final Verdict On Erectin Reviews

Considering all the details given in this Erectin review, it is proved that Erectin is a dietary supplement that promotes healthy erection in men using all-natural ingredients.

The powerful Erectin ingredients help to increase the healthy blood flow to the sexual organs and support firm and long-lasting erections.

Apart from that, Erectin male enhancement supplement has many other benefits too such as improved nutrient absorption in the blood, enhances sexual stamina, and energy, etc.

The manufacturing of the Erectin formula was under strict and sterile conditions. It does not contain any chemicals and the chances of Side effects are probably less.

Besides the supplement is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not thrilled with the results you will get your full money back. Keeping all these in my mind I would say Erectin sexual health supplement is surely worth a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the proper way of taking the supplement?

According to the manufacturer of Erectin, the ideal way of taking the supplement is to take 2 capsules per day with a meal. You can increase the number to 3 or 4 according to your need.

2. Who cannot use Erectin?

The Erectin formula is specially made for men who have issues regarding erections and sexual stamina. Men above the age of 18 can take the pills. Everyone else is considered as out of the list.

3. What if I don’t get the results?

The Erectin Formula is made using powerful ingredients that are proven to serve the sexual issues of men. If it does not give you the expected results you can choose the 60-day money-back guarantee the manufacturer offers and you will get a full refund of your money.

4. Are there any negative side effects?

There are no side effects reported from customers to date. In case of doubt, you may talk to your doctor before starting the pills.

5. Is it available in retail stores?

No. The Erectin supplement is only available on its official website.


Please be advised that any recommendations or suggestions made here are not a substitute for professional medical advice from a certified healthcare provider. In case you have concerns or doubts regarding the details shared above, make sure you consult with a licensed professional before making any purchasing decision.

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