How Anxiety Can Affect Your Sex Life? Does It Change Your Behavior?

Anxiety is a constant feeling of dread, uneasiness, and discomfort. It can also be explained as your body’s response to anticipated anger.

Anxiety is common to be felt by all. But there are certain instances where you feel like this anticipated anger controls your life.

That is when anxiety becomes a problem. But the good news is, anxiety is curable. Although it may take a lot of time and effort to see the results, the results would be worth it.

Anxiety can affect multiple aspects of life. It can affect your social life, your work life, your relationships, your family life, etc.

Even though people suffering from anxiety feel like they have to fix everything, it is hard for them to bring themselves to do this because of their internal turmoil.

Anxiety can also lead to the person experiencing certain issues that affect the smooth flow of your life. People with anxiety can often get extremely depressed. 

Anxiety And Sexual Intercourse

Unlike popular belief, it is really hard to spot a person with anxiety.

If a person has been suffering from it for a long time, then they will learn about ways how they can mask their symptoms and survive freely without any issues.

Anxiety And Sexual Intercourse

Only a person who is very close and intimate with them can tell if they are trying to mask it.

Just like anxiety can affect every aspect of life, they also affect the sex life of a person. Here are some ways how anxiety can affect people’s sex life;

👉 Anxiety Can Distract The Erotic Stimuli

When people suffer from anxiety, they are not sexually aroused as usual.

In males, their erection can be quite weak, and in females, there is a reduction in lubrication and clitoral tumescence

👉 Erectile Dysfunction

While some people suffer from poor erections, others cannot even get erect.

Even though they desire sexual contact, it is physically impossible for them to get aroused, and mentally difficult for them to concentrate on arousal.

👉 Impairement Of Orgasm

The constant overthinking that an anxious person does can lead to a person feeling like they do not belong with their body.

This dismissal of themselves from their body even during intercourse can lead to an impairment in orgasm.

👉 Premature Ejaculation

Men who are anxious can accidentally ejaculate when they do not plan to.

This is also because they are not entirely connected and in touch with their body.

Premature ejaculation is quite risky as it can lead to unplanned pregnancy.

👉 Sexual Anorexia 

Some people can feel a strong lack of desire for sexual intercourse due to anxiety. This may be due to previous experiences or insecurities.

People who suffer from sexual anorexia can go to great lengths in order to avoid sex.

👉 Painful Sex

When females lack arousal and they do not completely feel content with themselves due to anxiousness, it can lead to them experiencing extreme pain during sexual intercourse. 

How To Treat Anxiety?

Even though a relationship is not completely about sexual intercourse, Sex plays quite an important role in the stability of a relationship.

The intimate moments you share with your partner can lead to an understanding and the formation of a vulnerable relationship that can defeat any other.

Therefore, it is very important to treat anxiety as soon as possible before it messes up your life. Here are some ways how you can treat anxiety;

👉 Counseling

A person who suffers from anxiety can seek medical advice from a counselor.

This would be the most effective method as they would analyze the patient completely and provide treatment methods that the counselor is confident would work for the patient.

👉 Learning

A person who suffers from anxiety can learn about what triggers their anxiety and what calms them down by noting down the routine and analyzing the surroundings if they are not comfortable with the idea of going to a counselor.

Also, counseling might not necessarily work for everyone.

👉 Relaxation Techniques

A person who suffers from anxiety can look into relaxation techniques that could work for them.

They have to see when they get anxious and what would be the most accessible and effective way to relax themselves. These results can take quite some time to achieve.

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👉 Dietary Adjustments

As odd as it sounds, the dietary practices of a person can trigger anxiety.

Sometimes when people are introduced to new textures and flavors which are out of the ordinary for them, it can lead to them being anxious and uncontrollable.

For such people, it is better to follow a diet plan that is set and not change it.

👉 Change Of Environment

Sometimes, people are triggered by anxiety due to their surroundings and practices.

At times like this, moving away to a new environment is the best option.

A new wave of opportunities can do wonders for a person. 

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