The Importance of Sleep in Weight Loss – Is It Beneficial For Your Health?

Sleep is closely associated with several key functions in the human body and its deficiency can bring on a plethora of health problems.

Many health studies have shown that a body deprived of proper sleep will suffer very bad ramifications.

In this article, we will look at the major problems induced by sleep deprivation and understand how it influences body weight.

Benefits Of Having Sound Sleep

There are many benefits that good sleep offers and it is important to know about them. It is found that individuals who have quality sleep can improve their brain power and concentration.

Benefits Of Having Sound Sleep

A person’s sleeping time can also determine his memory power and can offer many other health benefits. We will have more of the benefits listed below for a clear understanding of the subject.

  • Helps to maintain a Healthy Weight- A lot of scientific studies have shown that insufficient sleep contributes to more body fat. The metabolism rate seems to be ideal for those who sleep for eight hours regularly.
  • Strengthen Cardiovascular System- Sound sleep promotes the well-being of the heart and cuts the chances of getting severe health conditions such as arrhythmias and coronary artery disease. It is found that sleep is as important as exercise and diet to keep a person’s heart healthy.
  • Improves Memory Power- During a good sleep at night, the connections between neurons shrink to eliminate the least relevant information and help it to store new information in the memory space. 
  • Boosts the Immune System- Having sound sleep may also boost the immune system. Sleep provides adequate rest to almost all organs of the body thus enabling their seamless functioning.
  • Protects from Lifestyle Diseases- A good night’s sleep may also protect you from many lifestyle diseases. Studies after studies have shown the absence of sleep causes serious health ailments and lifestyle diseases.
  • Slows Down the Aging Process- It has been proven that proper sleep can slow down the process of aging and help rejuvenate the body cells. 
  • Helps Better Metabolism- A good night’s sleep helps a person to be less susceptible to intestinal issues and kidney problems thus promoting better metabolic function of the body. 
  • Benefits the Overall Health- Last but not least, good sleep can contribute towards the well-being of the whole body by helping all the major organs including the brain and heart to rest and reboot themselves for optimal functioning.   

Causes Of Sleep Deprivation

There are numerous factors behind sleep deprivation. It seems to happen mostly among the working population.

Causes Of Sleep Deprivation

Individuals who suffer high stress in their life as part of their profession are also prone to sleep deprivation.  Alcohol consumption and taking caffeine late at night can also cause it.

In rare cases, sleep deprivation may also be a consequence of any underlying health condition.  

How The Body Responds To Sleep Deprivation

Chronic sleep deprivation can affect various aspects of the body including vital organs such as the brain and heart. It can weaken metabolic function and the immune system making an individual prone to diseases.

It also will affect the nervous system and can jeopardize the normal functioning of the whole body.

New studies have emerged that show sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain due to digestive issues and weakened metabolic function.

Relationship Between Sleep And Weight Gain

The absence of proper sleep directly affects the body’s capability to digest food properly and hence more fat is stored in the body instead of releasing it as energy.

Major studies have shown those people suffering from sleep apnea are more prone to weight gain.

Besides obesity can create havoc inside the body leading to fatty liver and other severe conditions.

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It acts as a vicious cycle of promoting each other, poor sleep causes weight gain and weight gain affects the quality of sleep. 


In this article, we have laid out a general idea of the importance of sleep and the problems that lack of sleep causes.

We saw how a good night’s sleep can bring on a healthy weight, strengthen the heart, improves memory, and boosts the immune system.

We then discussed the major causes of sleep deprivation and how the body reacts to it.

In the end, we saw how inadequate sleep adversely impacts the metabolic process of the body and leads to obesity. 

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