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A Wealth of Hands-On Learning Experiences

Fine-tune your knowledge and skills through In-depth, hands-on learning that takes you from the classroom, to the examining room, to the courtroom. On-site curriculums provide hands-on learning and team-building experiences for SANEs and SART members with evidence-based, comprehensive content specific to your discipline.

Each SART Live on-site curriculum event is facilitated by Linda Ledray, PhD, RN, SANE-A, FAAN and a team of discipline-specific subject matter experts.

Adult/Adolescent SANE Clinical:
Sexual Assault Forensic Exam and Mock Trial

Hands-on preparation and practice in sexual assault medical-forensic exams and trial testimony.

Each Clinical and Mock Trial event consists of a half day observing, and then performing, a pelvic exam on a live pelvic model under the supervision of Dr. Linda Ledray, a certified SANE instructor, and a half-day Mock Trial, in which Patricia (Patti) Powers, our legal SME, prepares each SANE for testifying at trial.

For tuition, site requirements and travel arrangements, please contact Linda Ledray at linda.ledray@sane-sart.com   CE credits: 16

NOTE: The Clinical and Mock Trial On-Site Curriculum is available only to learners who have successfully completed the SANE Preparation and Refresher Curriculum.

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SART Live:
Interactive Scenarios and Mock Trial for Victim-Centered Justice (2 days)

Following the format used at national SART conferences, SART members will learn how law enforcement and advocates deal with the reluctant witness and make tough decisions from medical and crime scene evidence collection through the trial. SART members will engage in realistic simulations and role-play as victims, suspects and other participants. 

NOTE: At least one SART candidate must successfully complete his or her discipline-specific Online Curriculum before the team’s registration will be accepted.

For tuition, site requirements and travel arrangements, please contact Linda Ledray at linda.ledray@sane-sart.com   CEUs / CLE credits / POST credits: 16

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Adult/Adolescent SANE 40-Hour On-site Education

Conducted by Linda E. Ledray, PhD, RN, SANE-A, FAAN, a leading sexual assault researcher and SANE educator

. Click here to view Dr. Ledray’s bio.

The 40-hour didactic course delivers current, evidence-based and comprehensive training covering “everything” the RN or MD needs to know to conduct an effective sexual assault exam and work as a member of a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). The course has been designed to meet the IAFN 40-hour didactic training requirements. 

Nurses participating in this program indicate it is one of the most exciting courses they have attended. After completing the course, they report feeling prepared to complete the clinical component.

Please contact Linda Ledray at linda.ledray@sane-sart.com or the program administrator at support@sane-sart.com for information about site requirements and costs.

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