Prosecuting for Victim-Centered Justice

Enhance your knowledge and skills with evidence-based, comprehensive content.

All simulations and scenarios you engage in — for both the online and on-site courses — are built on real-world experiences. All showcase the primary sexual assault issues, problems and challenges you may typically confront.

To help you best solve each scenario or challenge, the program provides you with the best practices and approaches used today by your peers throughout the country.

Polish your professional expertise by practicing the best practices for victim-centered justice.

Pressed for time? No problem. You can complete your online coursework at your convenience and your own pace.

There Are 5 Courses in the Online Prosecutor / Legal Curriculum

All courses are required. Only Course 2 is scored.

Course 1: Building a SART

Become familiar with the SART and how the SART and SANE models have developed. Learn how a SART benefits the victim and the reporting, investigation and prosecution of sexual assault.

Lesson 1 : Crime and Justice

Challenge 1: Crime and Justice
Challenge 2: Building Your SART
Challenge 3: Know Your Role

Lesson 2: SART in Action

Challenge 1: Law Enforcement and Sexual Assault
Challenge 2: The Victim Advocate and Sexual Assault
Challenge 3: The SANE and Sexual Assault
Challenge 4: The Crime Lab and Sexual Assault
Challenge 5: The Prosecutor and Sexual Assault

SART Webinar

Presenter: Dr. Linda Ledray —Introduction to the SART Concept
Webinar Handout


Course 2: Prosecuting for Victim-Centered Justice

Learn to apply your skills to developing a sexual assault case, preparing the witnesses for trial and presenting the case at trial.

After completing each lesson, you’ll view a webinar featuring a subject matter expert who builds on the topics covered in the preceding lesson. There are a total of eight webinars. A handout provided by the subject matter expert will be available for download after each webinar.

Lesson 1: The Prosecutor and Sexual Assault

Challenge 1: The Prosecutor and Sexual Assault

Webinar 1

Presenter: Michelle Corrao —An Advocate’s Story
Webinar 1 Handout

Lesson 2: Developing the Sexual Assault Case, Part 1

Challenge 1: Victim-Centered Prosecution

Webinar 2

Presenter: Nancy Dunlap — LE Victim Interview
Webinar 2 Handout

Lesson 3: Developing the Sexual Assault Case, Part 2

Challenge 1: Charging the Case

Webinar 3

Presenter: James Markey —LE Crime Scene
Webinar 3 Handout

Lesson 4: Developing the Sexual Assault Case, Part 3

Challenge 1: Working with Evidence

Webinar 4

Presenter: Dr. Linda Ledray —SANE Team
Webinar 4 Handout

Lesson 5: Witness Preparation

Challenge 1: Preparing the Victim for Testimony

Webinar 5

Presenter: Misty Marra —Role of the Crime Lab/DNA/DFSA
Webinar 6 Handout

Lesson 6: Witness Preparation

Challenge 1: Preparing the SANE for Testimony

Webinar 6

Presenter: Michelle Corrao —An Advocate’s Story
Webinar 1 Handout

Lesson 7: Witness Preparation

Challenge 1: Preparing Law Enforcement for Testimony

Webinar 7

Presenters: Bob Laurino, J.D. and Patti Powers, J.D. —Trial Preparation
Webinar 7 Handout

Lesson 8: Presenting the Sexual Assault Case at Trial

Challenge 1: Direct Examination: Victim Testimony

Webinar 8

Presenter: Bob Laurino, J.D. —Trial Preparation
Webinar 8 Handout

Course 3: SART Member Interviews

This series of interviews will be of interest new and prospective SART members who want to learn from the experts: a SANE, law enforcement officers, victim advocates, prosecutors and a DNA specialist. Each interviewee shares perspective on the importance of a victim-centered response, holding offenders accountable, and helping prevent sexual violence. The interviews were recorded at the Sixth National SART Training Conference in Austin, Texas.

Course Video Library

1. SART Member Interviews 
2. Advocate Crisis Intervention with Victim 
3. Advocate-Victim Follow-Up Meeting
4. Law Enforcement 911 Response Victim Interview 
5. Law Enforcement Interview with Victim 
6. Law Enforcement Interview with Suspect

Course 4: SART Meeting, Kearney, NE

Members of the Kearney, Neb., SART gather regularly for an update meeting. They discuss their challenges and the process of working together to seek justice for victims. As a result of their efforts, this small community has seen an increase in sexual assault reporting and successful prosecutions.

Course 5: Break the Silence: Sexual Assault and the SART Solution

SART members in rural and Native American communities, as well as those served by the SART, share their experiences about the severity, complexity and impact of sexual assault, and the power of a SART to care for and  seek justice for victims.


Use Break the Silence as a SART awareness tool in your community
Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll show you how to download the video or share a link to the video with others.


  • Tuition: $600
  • Active Military: $200
  • CLE credits: 28