Our Editorial Team

Our team is a group of experts and professionals in the area of sexual wellness including doctors, researchers, social workers, and caregivers who are dedicated to helping our readers overcome problems relating to their sexual well-being.

Michael Krychman

Chief Editor

Dr. Krychman is the Chief Editor at Sane-Sart and the driving force behind the vision of the organization. He is a clinical health professor with considerable experience in gynecology and vulvar disease. His research work in areas such as loss of libido, sexual pain disorders, menopausal health, and the impact of medical devices on female sexual function has been published in reputed peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Jason Park

Sub- Editor

Dr. Jason Park serves as the Sub Editor at Sane-Sart and plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s vision. With a wealth of experience in gynecology and vulvar disease, he holds the position of a clinical health professor. Dr. Park’s extensive research contributions encompass diverse areas including loss of libido, sexual pain disorders, menopausal health, and the influence of medical devices on female sexual function. His notable findings have been published in esteemed peer-reviewed journals.

Martha Kempner

Senior Health Writer

Martha Kempner is a Senior Health Writer at Sane-Sart who engages on topics such as sexual behavior, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and the importance of sex education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education/Human Sexuality from NYU and graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts.


Researcher and Writer

Josie Gleave is a researcher and writer at Sane-Sart who specializes in sexual abuse and technology-facilitated sexual violence. Her work involves collaborating with NGOs to write journalistic articles about sexual exploitation. She holds a Ph.D. in image-based sexual abuse from RMIT University. She has also worked in the capacity of an associate producer and a podcaster.

Christel Hyden

Researcher and Writer

Christel Hyden is a researcher and writer at Sane-Sart who focuses on technology and sexual health promotion. She has close to two decades of experience collaborating on innovative interventions for communities. She holds an EdD in Health Education and an MS in Applied Social Research in addition to a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She has also served as an Associate Editor and co-authored many peer-reviewed articles.


Researcher and Writer

Jessica is a researcher and writer at Sane-Sart who focuses on sexual inequality and injustice. She writes extensively on sexual and reproductive health. Her research work on areas ranging from gender identity to trauma resulting from sexual assault and sexual harassment has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals and reputed magazines.

Zoe Eggleton


Zoe Eggleton is a writer at Sane-Sart who focuses on sexual health solutions. By practice, she is a women’s and men’s health physio who specializes in Continence and Prolapse. Her reviews of the latest sexual health solutions and procedures coupled with a unique take on the latest happenings in the sexual health industry have made her a reader-favorite.