Prostate 911 Reviews: Is It Effective In Preventing Prostate Cancer?

Prostate 911 is a natural formula that is proven to be effective in reducing enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction. ED is also caused by prostatic hyperplasia. This abnormal growth in the prostate gland may also be cancerous. Prostate 911 health supplement is scientifically proven to be effective in enhancing prostate health. In this Prostate 911 review, we analyze that as per the latest data more than 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate-related problems in the United States.

The survey suggests that most of these patients have been dissatisfied with the medical procedures and prefer health supplements over risky procedures. At the same time, the market is filled with thousands of supplements which makes it hard for customers to identify the right supplement.

Prostate 911 Reviews: A Clinically Proven Natural Pills For Men!

Therefore, I have written this Prostate 911 review to help you find out whether the Prostate 911 dietary supplement is for you or not. We all know that different people have differences. Putting the fact aside, I have prepared this review with all general information available on the official website and additional details which are extracted from trusted sources.

You will find all the relevant details about the supplement in this single review. As you read down, the information about the supplement will unfurl one after the other. It is formatted in sections such as ingredients, working, benefits, pricing, availability, negative effects, and many more.

Read to find out more about Prostate 911.

Supplement NameProstate 911 
Use ForProstate Health
Dosage FormCapsules
Main Ingredients👉Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder
👉Stinging Nettle
👉Pumpkin Seed Extract
👉Red Rasberry
👉L-Glutamic Acid
Key BenefitsReduces the risk of prostate cancer
Reduces inflammation
Relieves urinary flow
ProsProstate 911 is 100 % Natural
No chemicals or preservatives
No negative effects
Effective results
ConsOnly available on the Prostate 911official website
The results may differ.
Money Back Guarantee90 days
Price$69.95 Per bottle
Bonuses 1: Completely Understand the Prostate and Associated Medical Problems
2: Learn How to Have a Healthy Prostate – Naturally
AvailabilityOnly on official website
Official SiteClick here
Prostate 911 Review

What Is Prostate 911? 

Prostate 911 is an advanced formula that is designed to address prostate health problems and erectile dysfunction. The dietary supplement is made with all-natural ingredients. All the ingredients are carefully selected and clinically proven for their effectiveness. 

Top-quality ingredients and manufacturing procedures are used to manufacture the supplement. To maintain its quality, manufacturing is done following GMP guidelines in FDA-approved facilities under the supervision of strict healthcare professionals.

All the Prostate 911 ingredients are packed in the form of capsules that are easily consumable. These capsules are packed in containers to prevent contamination. The manufacturer guarantees the best results when the supplement is consumed at the instructed dosage.

Prostate 911 Customers who are not pleased with the product can claim a 100% refund through their 90-day money-back guarantee.

Ingredients Used To Formulate Prostate 911 Supplement 

The Prostate 911 formula is created using five natural ingredients. All these ingredients are grown as per the conditions using organic farming methods by local growers.

These ingredients are sourced from these local farmers only after the plant-based ingredients are fully matured. Before blending, it is evaluated for its potency and purity using clinical lab tests. All the ingredients are incorporated in the right amount to maintain their properties.

Nettle root- Stinging nettle is used to treat pain by reducing inflammation. Studies show the use of stinging nettle has shown significant comfort in patients with an enlarged prostate.

L-Alinine- This is an amino acid that is thought to have an improvement in prostate symptoms. Studies found that the amino acid helps to empty the bladder and reduces nocturia.

Red Rasberry, Uva Ursi, And Juniper Berry Powder- These berries are packed with powerful antioxidants that help to combat free radicals that damage healthy cells. It helps to eliminate the danger of cellular damage.

Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder – Is widely used in treating urinary and kidney problems. Pygeum is also used for treating the symptoms of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. 

Pumpkin Seed Extract- Pumpkin seed extract is rich in healthy omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. It also includes vitamins. These amino acids reduce the damage caused in the prostate cell.

Glycine: This amino acid is used to create muscle tissue and helps to convert glucose into energy. Studies show that combining glycine with antioxidants helps to protect the body from cellular maladies

L-Glutamic Acid: It is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is highly involved with metabolism. It helps to build blocks of proteins, muscles organs, and other tissues. It also helps to fight against inflammation.

How Does Prostate 911 Work?

The working of the formula is all due to a combination of the ingredients, especially the nettle-palmetto combo. The supplement improves prostate health by reducing the inflammation caused in the prostate gland. These mixtures of Prostate 911 ingredients help the enlarged prostate shrink by replenishing it with healthy nutrients as well as supplying enough blood to reduce the oxidative stress around the gland.

It mainly targets the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and inhibits its attempts to convert testosterone into DHT – which is one of the causes of to production of more prostate cells than required.  It helps to reduce the size of the oversized gland to its normal size.

The Prostate 911 prostate health supplement also contains beta-sitosterol helps to combat prostate cancer cells to prevent the risk of getting prostate cancer. The regulation of the size of the prostate improves urinary problems as well as other BPH symptoms.

Prostate 911 Benefits 

Regardless of the supplement’s effort to improve prostate health, it brings several other benefits. In other words, the Prostate 911 prostate health pills improve overall genital health by decreasing the size of the prostate gland.  Let’s discover the benefits one can avail of from consuming Prostate 911.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer The mixture of ingredients also exhibits antioxidants that help to cleanse the harmful chemicals and toxins. These powerful antioxidants help to inhibit the growth of free radicals.

Reduces inflammationThe enlarged prostate is due to many reasons. For some, inflammation could expand the size of the prostate. The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the inflammation around the genital organs and enhance smooth functioning.

Relieves urinary flowWhen diagnosed with BPH, the urinary tract is squeezed making the victim unable to empty the bladder and struggling with frequent urge to urinate. The reduction in the size of the prostate gland helps the urinary tube to be relieved and enables the flow of urine smoothly.

Pros And Cons Of Prostate 911

Prostate 911 has its pros and cons. When deeper research was conducted it was found that the supplement promotes thriving urinary and prostate pros. Moreover, it includes several factors which make us feel safer with the supplement. Find out what the pros and cons are in this supplement.


  • Prostate 911 is 100 % Natural
  • No chemicals or preservatives
  • Prostate 911 pills are easy to consume
  • Effective results
  • Prostate 911 capsules Manufactured in FDA and GMP-approved facilities
  • No negative effects


  • Only available on the Prostate 911official website
  • The results may differ

How To Use Prostate 911?

The best way to use Prostate 911 capsules is to consume the supplement as it comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules. Each bottle of the supplement contains 60 capsules for monthly usage.

As per the advised dosage, the manufacturer recommends consuming two capsules a day with a glass of water. For best results, supplements should be taken constantly until it shows maximum benefits. The manufacturer suggests consuming the capsules in a gap of 10-12 hours – so that each capsule works effectively in the body.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage under any circumstances. Overdosing the supplement will only lead to unwanted health conditions. The Prostate 911 capsules manufacturer ensures effective results by consuming at the instructed dosage as instant results cannot be guaranteed. The Prostate 911 male health supplement is entirely organic so it may take time to work in the body.

Prostate 911 Supplement Facts

Side Effects of Prostate 911 

There are no side effects reported from verified customers. Neither refund policy has been claimed up to this date. The manufacturer ensures that the supplement is safe by manufacturing the formula under strict and sterile considerations such as following GMP guidelines and manufacturing in FDA-approved facilities. All the equipment is disinfected after every batch of production to maintain its purity – so that the dietary supplement is safe to consume.

However, there are some concerns about allergic reactions in some customers. Precautions measures should be taken before consuming the supplement such as looking for ingredients that may have allergic reactions. The manufacturer instructs to consume the dietary supplement only if it does not promote any allergic reactions.

Is Prostate 911 legit or not? 

The legitimacy of the supplement is one of the most asked queries on the internet. Legitimacy is determined after reviewing all the factors of a supplement. Let me take you through different aspects of this Prostate 911. As we earlier discussed, the supplement is derived from a natural formula.

The ingredients used to create the Prostate 911 formula are clinically proven to be effective and safe. The Prostate 911 health supplement is tested in Phytage Labs – which is highly renowned for its quality control and testing. The manufacturers follow strict manufacturing procedures to maintain their quality. 

In addition, a study published in the National Library of Medicine in 2013 shows the effectiveness of Stinging Nettle in patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The study indicates that the multiple symptoms can be relieved with proper usage of the plant-based ingredient. The study also shows that the ingredient has more impact on prostate health compared to placebo.

These facts and research indicate that the supplement is safe to consume. Moreover, no side effects have been reported from the verified customers apart from some allergic reactions. Therefore, it is a legitimate dietary supplement.

How long does it take Prostate 911 to Show the Result?

For effective results, the manufacturer recommends consuming the supplement as per the instructed dosage for fewer weeks until it shows positive benefits. It is advised to intake the supplement constantly for some time – even after slight improvements. The Prostate 911 male health supplement should be taken until it shows maximum benefits. The duration of the result differs from one person to another. But once it is achieved it can stay longer in the body for a longer time.

The results highly depend upon the quality of the life of the customer. A person with good health is more likely to obtain results faster than an individual with a poor lifestyle.

Prostate 911 works in a gradual way in the process of cleansing the body before addressing the situation. A person with a healthy lifestyle may require more time to purify and address the solution to the problem. To obtain the best results, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle for the supplement to work efficiently

Prostate 911 Customer reviews and complaints

Prostate 911 customer reviews are pivotal when it comes to choosing the ideal health supplement. Customer reviews help us to gain trust in the supplement regarding its effect on the previous customer. In this supplement, multiple customers, who all are of diverse age groups have provided positive feedback. These positive responses include the supplement’s effective method to reduce the enlarged prostate as well as other related symptoms.

At the same time, some customers have reported allergic reactions to the supplements. It is highly possible to exhibit allergic reactions considering the rarity and uniqueness of the ingredients. In addition, there are concerns regarding the delay in the order. The manufacturers assure to resolve the solution as soon as possible.

How And Where To Order Prostate 911?

The dietary supplement is only available on the official website. The manufacturers have strictly prohibited the sale of the supplement in e-commerce platforms as well as retail stores. The authentic supplement can be purchased by logging in to the official website. On the website, at the bottom, you will find “Add To Cart” on a yellow background. By clicking it you will be redirected to another secured webpage for transaction. 

On this webpage, you will be given the option to choose the package of the supplement – which will be discussed in detail in the pricing section. Selecting the package and filling in all the necessary personal and payment information on the webpage will help you to complete the payment to avail of the supplement. All your information is strictly protected by 256 Bit SSL encryption.

You may find the Prostate 911 supplement on the e-commerce website. Be aware that these supplements are fake products by anonymous distributors. The manufacturer ensures that the supplement in the e-commerce websites is not authentic. You will find original supplements only on the Prostate 911 official website. 

Prostate 911 Pricing 

The pricing of the dietary supplement on the Prostate 911 official website can be quite confusing. As you can see on the official website, the manufacturer has offered three different packages at a discounted price.  The current price given on the website is a limited-time offer. 

  • One Bottle of supplement for monthly usage only for $69.95
  • Two bottles of supplement for monthly usage only for $119.90
  • Four bottles of supplement for monthly usage only for $199.80

From this list, we can firmly believe that the price of one bottle decreases with each package. $20 can be saved by purchasing the two-bottle package and better yet – $80 can be pocketed from purchasing the four-bottle package than purchasing a single bottle for two and four times respectively. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer requests to consume the supplement for at least a few weeks for maximum benefits. Therefore, it is ideal to purchase either two or four bottles due to its massive savings. Prostate 911 Customers are also free to purchase the single bottle if they wish to. 

Prostate 911 Bonuses

The dietary supplement comes with two different bonuses. The details of the bonuses are discussed below

  • Bonus 1: Completely Understand the Prostate and Associated Medical Problems

This guidebook will acknowledge you with all the information related to prostate health such as How the prostate works, Prostate testing, and treatment options. 

  • Bonus 2: Learn How to Have a Healthy Prostate – Naturally

This e-book will guide you to enrich your prostate health. It follows natural methods to ensure a healthy prostate gland. In this e-book, you will find the risks and diagnosis of prostate problems, natural therapy options, and other methods such as diets, exercises, and many more.

Prostate 911 Bonuses

Prostate 911 Refund Policy

The Prostate 911 natural supplement is protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee for customers who are not pleased with the supplement. Dissatisfied customers can claim this refund policy by reaching out to their customer support and requesting the money-back policy.

For the Prostate 911 formula, customers are requested to provide all the necessary details regarding the purchase of the supplement. The refund will be initiated once the empty bottles or used supplements are returned 

In addition to the money-back policy, the manufacturers have agreed to offer an additional $100 as a token of appreciation for using the supplement. These perks are only for the customers who purchase the supplement from the official website only.

Prostate 911 Reviews – Final Verdict 

As promised, this deeply researched analysis has provided all the information about the supplement. This review believes that the dietary supplement is safe and efficient to consume. The manufacturers ensure the potency and purity of the supplement by managing to manufacture in FDA and GMP-approved regulations. The ingredients in the supplement are clinically evaluated for their potential benefits and safety.

The Prostate 911 tablets are advised to take as per the recommended dosage to avail of their maximum benefits. The manufacturer instructs to consume the supplement for at least a few weeks for positive results. Although, do not consume the supplement more than the advised dosage as it could draw unwanted medical attention. At the same time, results may differ from person to person depending on their lifestyle.

When we conclude this Prostate 911 review, the manufacturer ensures to return the entire money to the customer in case the supplement doesn’t work. The refund can be claimed through their 90-day money-back policy. In addition, the manufacturer has promised to give away $100 for simply trying the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the seal is broken?

The Prostate 911 customers should immediately inform the manufacturer with recorded evidence of the broken seal and claim a refund or replacement.

2. Who should not consume?

People with underlying health conditions, children below 18 years of age, and people who are awaiting surgery should consume the Prostate 911 supplement.

3. How long should it take to receive the shipment?

The shipment may take 7-10 days to receive at your doorstep.

4. What is the price of a single bottle?

The original price of the Prostate 911 bottle may be estimated at around $120 considering the quality of manufacturing and purity of the ingredients. The manufacturer is currently giving away for only $69.95.

5. Will the price increase?

It is possible for the price of the supplement to surge as the ingredients are hard to cultivate and transportation charges are increasing more than ever. It is highly likely to raise the price of the supplement.


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Please be advised that any recommendations or suggestions made here are not a substitute for professional medical advice from a certified healthcare provider. In case you have concerns or doubts regarding the details shared above, make sure you consult with a licensed professional before making any purchasing decision.

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