Learn by Doing

Online Interactive Learning

The online curriculum places you into real-world simulations that challenge you to assess a wide variety of scenarios involved in caring for the patient, performing a sexual assault medical-forensic exam, investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases or advocating for the victim..

The simulations are complemented by webinars hosted by subject matter experts who provide an expanded discussion of the course material.


Learn by Doing_SART LiveSART Live On-Site Hands-On Learning

The SART Live on-site curriculum provide hands-on learning experiences for SANEs, SANE candidates and SART members facilitated by nationally-recognized subject matter experts.

  • Adult/Adolescent SANE Clinical:* Sexual Assault Forensic Exam and Mock Trial (hands-on preparation and practice in sexual assault medical-forensic exams and trial testimony).
  • Interactive Scenarios and Mock Trial for Victim-Centered Justice** provides interactive scenarios and a mock trial.
  • Adult/Adolescent SANE On-Site Education, a 40-hour course, delivers current, evidence-based and comprehensive training on “everything” the RN or MD needs to know.
*Available only to learners who have successfully completed the 40-hour online Adult/Adolescent SANE / SAFE / SAMFE Preparation and Refresher Curriculum.
** At least one learner must have successfully completed his or her online curriculum.


Learn by Doing_Supplemental Courses 2

Supplemental and Refresher Courses

Nonscoring courses include sexual assault evidentiary exam videos (for SANE candidates only); interviews with sexual assault subject matter experts and  SART members; a SART meeting video, and the SART awareness video Break the Silence: Sexual Assault and the SART Solution.

Use Break the Silence as a SART awareness vehicle in your community. Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll show you how to download the video or share a link with others.

Click the triangle in the video player below to watch Break the Silence: Sexual Assault and the SART Solution.