Robust In-Depth Curriculum

Robust 1The SANE-SART Online + Clinical learning methodology is experiential, mirroring the way people learn: on the job solving real-life challenges. You’ll learn skills that you can use on the job as you deal with the crime or support the victim.

Experience an online curriculum specific to your responsibilities and challenges, followed by a facilitated on-site hands-on curriculum. Learn best practices through interactive simulations, webinars and on-site, hands-on interactive events. In the online curriculum, you’ll also learn about working in collaboration with other SART members to provide innovative victim-centered care and justice.

In the on-site SART Live curriculum, you’ll join other SART candidates to learn how law enforcement and advocates deal with the reluctant witness and make tough decisions from medical and crime scene evidence collection through the trial. SART candidates will engage in realistic simulations and role-play as victims, suspects and other participants.