Unhygienic Menstrual Practices: The Silent Threat to Women’s Health!

Menstruation can be described as a biological process that happens in a female body every month in which the body sheds the uterus tissues that it develops to host an embryo. When an embryo implant does not happen the tissues are displaced and the body will shortly begin developing the tissue for the next ovulation cycle. 

The period of menstruation can be an uncomfortable time for many as it includes pain and stress. Some women might get moody, and short-tempered during this time. It is a stage in which hygienic practices have to be adopted into the day to day life. 

If you get lazy or do not give enough attention to hygiene during this time it can cause a lot of other health problems to you. This article is about some practices you may or may not follow in your life during the process of menstruation that needs to be stopped as early as possible. 

Not washing regularly

You might feel a great deal of discomfort during the time of menstruation. Also, you might feel tired and will be wanting to take rest and sleep. But no matter what, don’t forget to wash yourself.

unhygienic menstrual practices

You should wash your hands properly after every washroom visit. This is a time when more bacteria might be present in you. Therefore take a bath at least once a day. If you can take a bath twice, the better.

Not wearing an unwashed or unclean underwear

It is a time of the menstrual blood and tissues getting discharged out of your body. You most probably will also be using a menstrual hygiene product. This is never a time to wear unwashed underwear.

You should always use a properly washed and clean one. One thing to keep in mind is that the washed inner clothing should be properly dried when you use it. Avoid wearing it if it is still wet or still has moisture left in it. 

Forgetting to change the menstrual hygiene product that you are using

You will be using the menstrual hygiene product of your choice. It might be sanitary napkins for some, tampons for others, and menstrual cups for someone else. If you are using a sanitary napkin you have to change it and wear a new one every four hours.

Even if you find it unfilled, you have to change it. If you are using a tampon, the same thing is applicable. You do have to wait till the tampon reaches its maximum capacity to remove it and use another one. If you are using a menstrual cup you have to take it out every four hours and check whether it is filled or not. You have to remove the cup from its contents, clean it and wear it back. 

Using harsh soaps 

You might feel itchy in your private parts. You might feel it is unclean and as an attempt to clean it don’t end up using harsh soaps directly on his area.

What you have to keep in mind is the fact that female private parts have the self-cleaning ability. Therefore you have to just wash the area with water. 

Failing to educate yourself about what is happening to your body

One thing that can happen to any is that they might be following a practice without knowing it is unhygienic or unhealthy. So before trying out something new, let it be a menstrual hygiene product that you have never used before or a new practice, be sure that what you are doing is right.

You can consult your healthcare expert for advice. The female body is prone to changes therefore stop assuming when something new happens. You have to what exactly is happening to your body and you should know what you can do to support your body 

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