Viasil Reviews: An Effective Pill To Support Male Performance!

Viasil is a male performance enhancement supplement that helps to improve reproductive health in males. Unlike the majority of the supplements that work by triggering false chemical reactions in our body that do not last long, Viasil enhances the natural bodily process that leads to healthy development in the overall reproductive abilities and reproductive health.

Even though the major purpose of the supplement is to assist in improving reproductive health, it also helps to bring about different positive changes in terms of overall physical well-being. So, make sure you read through the Viasil review if you want to know more about Viasil and to decide whether or not to give a chance to the supplement. 

Viasil Reviews: Does This Male Potency Formula Boosts Your Sexual Endurance?

There is no doubt in saying that the reproductive health of men faces a lot of issues, mainly in the last few decades. The changes in lifestyle, food habits, and even the use of electronic gadgets that emit harmful radiation have contributed to these issues.

There are different studies carried out by reputed organizations and universities to support these claims too. The supplement is said to be effective against almost all these problems associated with the health and overall functioning of the male reproductive system. 

A quick look into the details of the supplement suggests that it is a legit and reliable one, but in order to make a strong conclusion regarding it, we need to look into it much deeper and that is what we are trying to do here. Through this Viasil review, we will be looking into the different aspects of the products in detail. Different sections like the ingredients present in the supplement, its works, the pros and cons, price details, and so on will be discussed here in detail so that you can arrive at an easy conclusion and overall picture of the supplement. 

Viasil Review

Supplement NameViasil
PurposeEnhance sexual health
Age GroupAdults
Net Quantity30 capsules
Recommended usageOne capsule a day
Results expectedAt least 3 months
Side effectsNo side effects reported
Viasil IngredientsEpimedium brevicornum
Citrus Sinensis
Ginkgo Biloba
Tribulus Terrestris
Panax Ginseng Root extract
BenefitsImproved strength of the male reproductive organ
Increase in Energy
More Stamina and Endurance
Improved confidence and desire
Price$59.99 For one bottle
Money back guarantee100 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official websiteClick here

What Is Viasil?

Viasil is a dietary supplement that helps to enhance and boost male performance and to improve the overall reproductive health in males. The supplement is a product of Swiss Research Labs and is said to be very effective against almost all types of issues regarding reproductive health in males.

The supplement comes as tablets and each packet contains 30 tablets each and can be taken in as dietary supplements. Unlike the majority of the male performance enhancement supplement out there, Viasil male sexual health supplement does not use any kind of artificial; substance in their making, and all the ingredients present in the supplement is strict;y made of high-quality ingredients that are 100% natural in their origin. 

There are different types of male performance enhancement supplements available in the market but what tru;y sets apart Viasil from these supplements is working. Viasil male enhancement supplement does not give rise to or start any kind of unhealthy or false chemical reactions in the body, instead, the supplement helps in enhancing and improving different natural processes that take place in our body to enhance the health and effectiveness of the male reproductive organs.

While the supplement is primarily targeted at people who are facing issues concerning the strength of their reproductive organs, Viasil formula is also said to address different issues like lack of energy and stamina needed for a successful physical relationship, the lack of desire or libido, and even the lack of confidence that comes while engaging in a physical relationship. 

The production of the Viasil male potency formula is also done with great caution. As mentioned earlier, the supplement only uses natural ingredients in it and also the production of the supplement is carried out in facilities that are approved by the authorities and is done by meeting all regular standards. 

What Are The Main Ingredients Present In Viasil?

The quality and the nature of ingredients used in the making of a supplement have a major role to play in its overall effectiveness and results. As for Viasil, all the Viasil ingredients that are used are 100% natural and there are no artificial ingredients in it. Some of the major constituents of the Viasil male health supplement are;

Viasil Ingredients

  • Epimedium brevicornum

It is a flowering plant that comes under the Berberidaceae family. It is also known by different common names and even though it is found in smaller numbers in different parts of Asi and the Mediterranean areas, the plant is mainly endemic to China. What makes the plant a vital ingredient in the Viasil formula is the presence of a compound named macaroni in it.

This Viasil compound is very effective in inhibiting the release of PDE5 in the male body, which is another chemical that is responsible for reducing blood flow. As the PDE5 in the body is reduced, the blood flow in the body increases, bringing about a different number of changes. Increased blood flow can also improve the level; of male hormones and also the desire and energy needed for better physical interaction. 

  • Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that is needed for different unions in the human body. This Viasil ingredient is responsible for the secretion of different hormones that can directly affect processes like reproduction and fertilization. Along with this vital role, zinc also plays a big role in different processes in the male human body like spermatogenesis, which is the production of male gametes that are needed for reproduction. The mineral also boosts the process of cell recovery too. 

  • Citrus Sinensis

Citrus Sinensis is a hybrid plant and is a cross between a pomelo and mandarin. The common name of the plant is sweet orange which is a commonly cultivated variety of orange. Along with its popular uses like eating and making justice, the plant is said to be more than just a source of food.

Sweet oranges are said to possess different vital nutrients and compounds that are needed for the human body. Another significant function that fruit assists in our body is to stop the leakage of proteins from the mitochondria of our cells. By doing so, the production of ATP in our bodies increases, which gives us more energy. The flavonoids in the fruit also increase the production of Nitric Oxide in our body and this in turn enhances our blood flow. 

Another major component present in the fruit is vitamin C and the action of this vitamin makes sure that the blood vessels in our body remain healthy, which also helps the male reproductive organ to stay strong and effective during the event of close physical relations. 

  • Ginkgo Biloba

Also known as the maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba is a gymnosperm tree that is native to China. The plant is known for its ability to improve the blood flow in the body by increasing the production of nitric oxide. The increased blood flow will help in improving the strength of the male reproductive organ as it is made of soft tissues.

The plant also possesses a higher amount of flavonoids and terpenoids which also helps and improves the overall process of blood circulation. Ginkgo Biloba is also known to bring down anxiety in humans, which is a major factor that leads to the condition of erectile dysfunction. 

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a fruit-producing plant that is mainly found in the Mediterranean region. The paint is also known as puncture vine and is covered in the spine all over the body. The action of the chemicals and compounds found in the plant helps to bring down the sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. This is said to improve the libido and desire in males, which is a vital thing for an improved physical relationship. 

  • Panax Ginseng Root extract

Panax Ginseng is a plant that is mainly found in countries like Korea, China, and Siberia. The plant is well known for the positive effects it has on the overall reproductive health of humans. This Viasil Ingredient Panax Ginseng plant is known for improving sexual desire and libido in males and is also very helpful in reducing stress levels too. The combined effect of the plant on the body is very beneficial for better reproductive health and performance in males.   

  • Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a popular fruit and is available in almost all parts of the world. It is also a big part of different deals in different cuisines and like all fruits, it also has different positive effects on our bodies. The fruit is very rich in substances like nitrates and polyphenols and they also assist in the production of nitric oxide, which in turn will improve the process of blood circulation in the body.

Pomegranate is also very rich in antioxidants and helps in improving the level of male hormones in the body. All these effects lead to better performance and health of the reproductive system in males. 

How Does Viasil Supplement Work?

If we look into the working principle of the male performance enhancement supplements available in the market we will understand that the majority of these Viasil supplements work by initiating or triggering different chemical reactions in our body.

But what should be noted is that, sometimes, these reactions or effects could negatively affect our health. But when it comes to Vialis, the supplement does not have such an effect on the body as no false reactions are triggered in the body with the use of the Viasil food supplement. What actually happens is that Viasil enhances and improves already happening bodily functions that can assist in achieving better reproductive health and strength. 

It is the production of ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) in our body that gives us the energy that we need and also produces nitric oxide which is essential for proper blood flow. But different factors like stress and age can cause an imbalance in the production of both ATP and Nitric Oxide, thereby affecting the drive and strength needed for better physical performance.

Viasil male enhancement formula helps in improving the production of ATP and also nitric oxide, thereby making sure that your body is supplied with the needed energy and drive for a better and improved physical performance. 

The presence of nitric oxide is very crucial for better and improved blood circulation. The action of the male reproductive organ is based on the circulation of blood and the flow of blood into the tissues of the organ determines the strength and endurance that men have during the time of physical relations., So, by improving the process of nitric oxide production, Viasil supplement helps you to gain better strength and endurance too. 

Viasil Male Supplement

Analyze Viasil Key Benefits

Viasil is a male performance enhancement pill and the pill comes with different advantages. The main concern or the issue that the pill addresses are the health and efficiency of the reproductive organs and the reproductive system, it also takes care of some additional issues associated with reproductive health. Here are a few notable benefits of Viasil. 

  • Improved strength of the male reproductive organ

Many males out there face the issue of a lack of strength while engaging in romantic physical activities. The reason behind this can be different but the major one is the ineffective blood flow to the region that gives it the needed strength.

Viasil male reproductive health formula helps to increase the production of nitric oxide, which is very helpful in improving blood flow. The overall effect of the supplement gives you the needed strength and power for a better experience. 

  • Increase in Energy

The functions of Vialis also include taking care of the production of the energy units in our body known as ATP. These units are what gives us the energy for different physical activities. By boosting the production of ATP in your body, the Viasil health supplement makes sure that your body is supplied with the needed energy to take you through an exciting session of physical performance. As the energy of the body is increased through the action of the supplement, your confidence will also see new heights. 

  • More Stamina and Endurance

With the increased and improved production of ATP and nitric oxide, the use of the supplement will grant more energy and power to you as opposed to earlier. The Viasil food supplement also makes sure that your strength is also improved as the nitric oxide facilitates better blood flow to almost all parts of the body. 

  • Improved confidence and desire

If you are someone who has faced difficulties or problems regarding the strength and capability of your body in situations. The use of Viasil male sexual health pills will definitely improve your confidence. The use of the supplement will address different issues regarding strength, endurance, and even your desire, making the overall act a much more enjoyable experience.   

Pros And Cons Of Viasil 

In order to understand the Viasil formula a little better, it is advisable to look at the different pros and cons of the supplement. Male performance enhancement supplements have different qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the supplements available in the market. Here are a few pros and cons of Viasil. 


  • Improves the overall reproductive health of males
  • Viasil boosts the production of ATP and nitric oxide in the body
  • Improves the strength and endurance of the male reproductive system
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Provide a bonus product to boost the effectiveness of the supplement


  • The Viasil formula is only available for purchase through the official site
  • The chance of the Viasil supplement running out of stock is high as the demand is also very high

How To Use Viasil?  

Viasil is a male performance enhancer and the supplement comes in the form of tablets. From the statements of the previous customers, there is no doubt in saying that Viasil is a very effective supplement and will bring the positive change that you need in your body in order to improve your performance.

However effective the Viasil dietary supplement is, the way of taking the supplement in the right amount, at the right time is one of the biggest factors that can affect the result that you get from it. So make sure to follow the instructions regarding the dosage and time to take the supplement as given. 

Viasil is a dietary supplement and it comes in the form of tablets. A single packet of the supplement contains 30 tablets and the dosage of the tablets is 850 mg. According to the instructions provided on the official website of the supplement, if you are planning to take the supplement it is best to take one tablet daily if you wish to see the best results.

Taking the Viasil tablets in the instructed manner for a minimum period will give you the desired result. While the instructions regarding the intake are clear, it should also be kept in mind that the action of the supplement can also depend on each person and their body as each body is different. 

Possible Side Effects Of Viasil 

Taking Viasil natural supplements in order to enhance the different bold functions could sometimes result in different issues that we refer to as side effects. These Viasil side effects are not desirable as they could be harmful to our bodies. But unlike the majority of the supplements available in the market, Viasil does not cause any kind of side effects to our bodies.

One of the major reasons for this is that the supplement does not trigger or cause any kind of false reaction in our body, instead, it just enhances the already going on the natural process inside our body. Also, the quality and the origin of the ingredients used in the supplement also play a big role in this.

While almost all other supplements available in the market make use of different kinds of chemical or artificial substances, Viasil capsules make use of high-quality natural ingredients. So it is very safe to say that there are no side effects associated with Viasil.

Another important thing that should be considered while taking the Viasil supplement is personal physical health. If you are someone who has any kind of medical history, it is always better to consult your doctor and get an expert opinion before starting to take the supplement. 

How Long Is Viasil Pill To Show The Result?

Talking about the visible results from the supplement, it should be noted that it is different from person to person. We know that the health conditions and the state of each body are different from person to person so, the result of using the supplement can also show this varying effect. But looking into different cases, the majority of the customers who have taken the Viasil potency support supplement have reported a change within a few weeks, which somehow even stated to have changed within just days.

So, even though the time taken to actually see or feel the result might vary a bit from person to person, there is no doubt regarding the effectiveness of the Viasil natural supplement. Also, make sure that you do not break the course of taking the supplement and continue it in order to get the best result. 

Viasil Customer Reviews And Their Experiences

As you are familiar with, customer reviews include the opinions and experiences of customers who have used the supplement. Different Viasil customer reviews from customers across the nation are available on the Viasil official website

Looking into these Viasil reviews is important as they could easily give insight regarding the supplement. As for Viasil, almost all the reviews that are posted on the Viasil official website speak highly of it and the positive change that it has brought into the lives of the customers. There are hardly any complaints regarding the supplement and the overall response towards it is positive, which is a good thing. 

How And Where To Order Viasil? And Pricing 

This is yet another important step that we should consider before purchasing any kind of supplement. If you are planning to buy Visil you should know that the supplement is available for purchase only on their official website. Viasil capsules are not available for purchase through any other kind of eCommerce website.

Keep this point in mind so that you do not fall for any kind of rip-off products from any other sites. Making the purchase from the official website will guarantee the authenticity of the formula and also will provide you with a few perks in terms of price and quantity. 

Viasil customers are free to purchase Viasil through 4 different popular options. A single pack of the supplement contains 30 tablets and as per the instructions available on the Viasil official website, it is best to take a single tablet every day for the best result. This means that 1 pack of Viasil is apt for filling a month. 

The details of the four different options for purchase are as follows:

🌟1 Pack of Viasil – 1 Month Supply for  $59.99 + shipping charge of $7.95 

🌟2 Pack of Viasil – 2 Month Supply for  $119.99 + 1 Month Supply Free + Fast and Free Shipping + Viasil Instant Erection Gel

🌟3 Pack of Viasil – 3 Months Supply for $179.99 + 2 Months Supply Free + Fast and Free Shipping + Viasil Instant Erection Gel

🌟8 Pack of Viasil – 8 Months Supply for $359.99 + 4 Months Supply Free + Fast and Free Shipping + 4 Viasil Instant Erection Gel

Viasil Tablets Refund Policy

The refund policy provided by the company is another attractive feature and shows the level of trust and confidence the manufacturer has in the supplement. The Viasil manufacturers are well aware of the differences in each body and according to them, if the supplement does not bring about any change in your body even after using it for 50 days, then you are entitled to a refund policy where you will receive all your money back from the purchase, excluding a $15 which will be accounted for the shipping and admin costs. You are free to contact the manufacturers via email on any day between 50 – 100 days of receiving the supplement. 

The Exciting Bonuses Included With Viasil

Viasil Instant Erection Gel

Additional supplements that you receive along with the main supplement are called bonuses and like many other supplements out there, Viasil also comes with the added benefit of a bonus. The bonus that comes along with Viasil is the Viasil Instant Erection Gel, which is a gel that can be used to instantly increase the strength of the male reproductive organ. The gel contains different ingredients like

  • L-Arginine
  • Aqua Glycerine
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Carbomer
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea

The sudden effect of the gel on the body is due to the presence of vasodilators present in the gel, which will increase the flow of blood into the organ and thereby increase its strength. The gel is instructed to be used along with the Viasil dietary supplement for the best result. Just like the case of the supplement, the effect of the gel can also vary depending upon the person who uses it and their physical condition. 

Viasil Bonuses

Viasil Reviews – Final Verdict

Viasil is a male performance enhancement supplement that works by enhancing normal bodily functions. The action of the Viasil natural supplement rapidly increases and enhances the process of blood circulation and also the production of ATP in our body, which gives us the needed energy for different physical activities. 

After looking into the different aspects of the supplement like its ingredients, working principles, pros and cons, and also the Viasil review from different customers it is safe to say that Visil is a supplement that is worth a chance.

While there are different male performance enhancement supplements available in the market today, Visil stands out from all these through different factors like the quality of the ingredients used, the working principle, and many more. So if you are someone who is facing issues regarding the overall health of your reproductive organs, Viasil is a legit supplement that is worth trying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use Viasil gel?

The gel can be applied directly to the male reproductive part around 10-15 seconds prior to the time you engage in physical activity. The ingredients in the gel are instant in action and the result will also be very fast. It should be noted that the result can sometimes vary according to the person. 

2. Does the refund policy return the complete payment made during the purchase?

The refund policy for Viasil male enhancement pills can be availed at any time between 50-100 days after receiving the supplement. The policy guarantees that the complete amount will be credited back to you soon but it should be noted that a sum of $15 will be deducted, the account gift, the shipping charge, and the admin in costs. 

3. How long should I take the Viasil supplement or have visible results?

The official website of Viasil food supplements says that taking a single tablet each day is the optimum dosage for the best result. Looking at the different reviews from customers, many have stated that they started seeing results in almost 2 weeks but there had also been customers who got the result as soon as 10 days. The result can largely depend on the body of the person, so it can vary from person to person. 

4. Are there any side effects of Viasil?

Viasil male potency formula does not trigger any kind of false reactions in the body and does not use any kind of artificial ingredients in production. So, the chances of side effects are very less to none. 

5. Is payment through the website safe?

The Viasil website is equipped with different safety measures to keep the personal and financial details of all customers safe. So, there is no risk associated with making the payment through the website. 


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