11 Oct 2018

You can drive SART awareness and support victims in your community

Nationwide and in your community, #MeToo and other movements are bringing the crime of sexual assault to the forefront. Many people are gaining a better understanding of and perspective on the issue. Clearly, the #MeToo movement has been further energized by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Her statement and example have encouraged more victims to find the strength and feel the support to come forward with their stories. But it is unfortunate that too often the reaction is backlash and disbelief. No one wants to believe that people we think we know and respect could have committed such an egregious act as sexual assault, in either the recent or distant past. As communities, we still have a long way to go to better and more fully support victims and stop abuses of power and privilege. Break the Silence: Sexual Assault and the SART Solution is a free 20-minute video from the SANE-SART Resource Center that highlights the trauma of sexual assault and showcases the SART model for responding to rape. The video tells viewers that we, the SART, believe and support victims. We further the search for justice. We combine the resources and talents of professionals to provide a caring, victim-centered response to sexual assault. Now is the time to present the Break the Silence message to your wider community. Make the video available on your organization’s website and to civic groups, secondary schools and colleges, and professional, community, faith-based and other organizations and associations. You will help to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the SART solution to sexual assault. Preview a 7-minute version of Break the Silence: Sexual Assault and the SART Solution by clicking the screen below.
Download the full video at /breakthesilence/. Your community is hearing more and more about #MeToo. Now they need to hear more about what your SART does for everyone.

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